Percent Increase

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How do you calculate percent Increase

Percent Increase Video

Transcript How to calculate percent increases.

Hi welcome to MooMooMath. Today we are going to talk about how to calculate percent increases. You will often see this question in a word problem. So I will look at a chart and pose a word problem. In 2010 our student population at the high school was 1000. In 2011 the population was 1200 and in 2012 it was 1800. What percent increase was there from 2010 to 2011. OK I’m going to just take the difference between these two amounts which is 200 over the original amount which is 1000 total students and reduce that to 2 tenths which is one fifth so that is my percent increase as a fraction, and as a percent I would divide and that is a 20 percent increase. What is the rule for this? Let’s look at the rule. First we will take the difference between these two dates. So I just subtract the two values then I put that difference over the original total to look at the percent increase. So let’s look at it a little bit more in slow motion. I’m going to find the difference between 2010 and 2011. So I take these two differences 1200 and I subtract 1000 and I get the difference of 200. Now I place this on top of the original total which was 1000 students, and then I just reduce it down to two tenths, then one fifth and then it goes to 20 percent when I convert it by just dividing. Let’s look at a second example, let’s change these totals from 2010 to 2012 (instead of 2011) so what is the difference between these two values? Eighteen hundred minus twelve hundred is six hundred. So we have 600 new students out of the original 1200 because that is where we started. We had a large increase I’m going to cross my zero’s out and I end up with six twelfths which is one half which is a 50 percent increase. That’s how you figure out percent increase problems. Hope this helped

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